Uganda, Rwanda sign deal to fight insecurity

Police chiefs from both countries say shared security strategies will facilitate economic activities and development

Uganda and Rwanda police have signed a resolution on joint operations to fight cross border insecurity. The resolutions were agreed upon after a meeting on Sunday in Kabale District aimed at forging collective steps against insecurity.

The meeting was attended by Uganda’s police chief Kale Kayihura and Rwanda Commissioner General of Police Emmanuel Gasana. “This meeting is in line with our earlier commitments and the memorandum of understanding we signed last year in Uganda and March this year in Kigali to strengthen security across our common borders which includes sharing best practices, challenges, joint operations, trainings and capacity building,” Gen Kayihura said.

He said they remain conscious that while free movement of goods and services between both countries is healthy, there was need for increased vigilance so that the situation is not exploited by criminal elements to cause insecurity.

The two police chiefs signed a joint communiqué of resolutions. According to the communiqué read by Uganda’s Interpol boss Assan Kasingye, they will carry out joint coordinated operations, community policing across borders, reinforce each other and cooperate against transnational and other organised crimes, joint trainings and address border land conflict in Katojo, Kabale.

Gen Kayihura said shared security strategies remain paramount in facilitating economic activities and development in the two countries.

This was re-echoed by his Rwandan counterpart. “As neighbouring security agencies, we need to come up with a new, common behaviour, approach, have same doctrine in line with the intent of our leaders to ensure peace, security and harmony of both countries,” Mr Gasana said.

Source: The East African

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