Rwanda Day 2011

President Kagame's thank you letter to participants of Rwanda Day 2011

I want to thank you all for a very Rwandaful weekend in Chicago. Your presence, in numbers and in quality, was an irrefutable demonstration that Rwandans are ready to be the agents of continued change needed towards our country’s development. I appreciated your words of encouragement, your active participation in our exchange and your sincere concerns directed to sustaining the gains we have made. Indeed, in dignity and unity, Rwandans continue to uphold our identity in every corner of North America, and beyond. I want to thank you for taking charge of Rwanda’s journey.

In today’s Rwanda, there is a momentum and irreversible change of mindset that we cannot afford to waste. The end result of this must be a realization of our full potential, ensuring that our Agaciro becomes complete. To the youth in particular, well represented and vibrant, I have no doubt that your ambition and sound work ethics will carry on the transformation of Rwanda into the nation we know Rwandans deserve. Your determination brings us all pride and reassurance that the future of Rwanda is secure and bright.

Thank you to all the panelists, exhibitors, artists and hard working organizers and volunteers whose tireless work made Rwanda Day a success. I cannot end without thanking the Friends of Rwanda who joined us and added to the meaning of this day.