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Canada-Rwanda Board of Trade (CRBOT)

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Canada-Rwanda Board of Trade (CRBOT) is one of the most influential forces in the regional economic development. CRBOT is actively involved in promoting bi lateral trade, art and culture, scientific and academic exchanges and friendship between the people and businesses of Canada and Rwanda. CRBOT provides valuable resources to its members, politicians and its stake holders both in Canada and Rwanda to make Rwanda a gateway and the open door to the countries positioned in central Africa. CRBOT is a non-profit, none political advocacy organization mostly run and operated by a group of distinguished Canadian and Rwandan’s who believe a positive and permanent change is only possible only by dialog, fair trade and exchange of ideas. CRBOT offers unprecedented benefits and opportunities to make Rwandan businesses prosperous and open the African markets to Canadians wanting to discover the unprecedented opportunities in the world’s oldest continent. CRBOT is excited to pave the way for a growing regional economy as Africa venture into the new millennium.