30,000 students file for school replacement

Esther Favour
Esther Favour

More than 30,000 students, who sat for national exams, filed claims requesting the National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA) to change schools they were allocated.

Students who placed claims solicited various reasons like chronic illness, disability among others.

According to NESA, only 3,000 students have so far been responded to in accordance with their requests.

Christian Gisubizo, a parent and resident of Gasabo district, said that he has a child who hasn’t been able to go to school since she was given a school which is far in Nyamagabe district yet she has a chronic illness.

“I filed for her replacement when the results came out, but I am still waiting yet other students are in class now. There is no hope that she will be able to catch up since others are already in school learning,” he added.

Christine Muhorakeye, a parent, said that it is a major concern that students can’t report on time; some children have special needs which may affect their academic performance.

NESA requests that those who want to change schools due to different challenges do so using the online platform.

Possible reasons to change schools are disability and chronic diseases, wanting to join day school and other reasons that NESA may consider.

NESA announced that they have asked schools’ head teachers to inspect and find out the number of students who were supposed to report to the respective schools to which they were allocated but didn’t come through, and make a report including those who wish to transfer.

The Director General of NESA, Bernard Bahati, said that there have been too many students demanding to be handled all at once, adding that parents and students are asked to be patient at least until Friday next week.

“We received 30,000 claims which is strange, however so far 3,000 requests have been responded to.’’

He added that they expect to respond to the remaining requests as soon as possible.

“However, this will not be done immediately because we are waiting for reports from schools which we refer to while processing transfers according to the filed requests.

“The report helps recognise the places for students who didn’t report which are considered while getting placements for the other remaining students,” he added.